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  • excircle — /eks serr keuhl/, n. Geom. an escribed circle. [EX 1 + CIRCLE] * * * …   Universalium

  • excircle — noun An escribed circle of a triangle; it lies outside the triangle and is tangent to one of its sides and to the extensions of the other two. See Also: excentre, excenter, incircle …   Wiktionary

  • excircle — ex·circle …   English syllables

  • excircle — ˈek(s)+ˌ noun Etymology: ex (I) + circle : an escribed circle * * * /eks serr keuhl/, n. Geom. an escribed circle. [EX 1 + CIRCLE] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Incircle and excircles of a triangle — A triangle (black) with incircle (blue), incentre (I), excircles (orange), excentres (JA,JB,JC), internal angle bisectors (red) and external angle bisectors (green) In geometry, the incircle or inscribed circle of a triangle is the largest circle …   Wikipedia

  • Nagel point — The Nagel point (blue, N) of a triangle (black). The red triangle is the extouch triangle, and the orange circles are the excircles In geometry, the Nagel point is a point associated with any triangle. Given a triangle ABC, let TA, TB, and TC be… …   Wikipedia

  • Extouch triangle — The extouch triangle of a triangle is formed by joining the points at which the three excircles touch the triangle. The vertices of the extouch triangle are given in trilinear coordinates by::T A = 0 : csc^2{left( B/2 ight)} : csc^2{left( C/2… …   Wikipedia

  • Semiperímetro — En todo triángulo, la distancia alrededor de los límites del triángulo desde un vértice hasta el punto en el borde opuesto tocado por un excircle es igual al semiperímetro. En geometría, el semiperímetro de un polígono es la mitad de su perímetro …   Wikipedia Español

  • Quadrilateral — This article is about four sided mathematical shapes. For other uses, see Quadrilateral (disambiguation). Quadrilateral Six different types of quadrilaterals Edges and vertices 4 …   Wikipedia

  • List of geometric shapes — This is a list of geometric shapes.Generally composed of straight line segments* polygon ** concave polygon ** constructible polygon ** convex polygon ** cyclic polygon ** decagon ** digon ** dodecagon ** nonagon ** equiangular polygon **… …   Wikipedia

  • Semiperimeter — In geometry, the semiperimeter of a polygon is half its perimeter. Although it has such a simple derivation from the perimeter, the semiperimeter appears frequently enough in formulas for triangles and other figures that it is given a separate… …   Wikipedia

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